Paul's Plan

JObs for Tucson

Tucson has great people and we need great jobs to match. As a lawyer with an MBA, I worked with businesses large and small, and I learned what makes them tick. More importantly, I learned what makes them grow. We can add to well-paid jobs and grow our economy by making smart decisions about infrastructure, transportation and city services.  Right now, Tucson and the U of A train young talent, but we often lose it to bigger cities like Phoenix, Denver and L.A. My focus on the Council will be building an economy with jobs that keep local talent in Tucson. 


Life is better when you know your neighbors. People who talk to their neighbors are safer, because crime goes down. And when community pride increases, properties are better maintained. We're also happier when we know our neighbors. Tucson has wonderful neighborhoods and the Council needs to protect them. I will make sure that neighborhood leaders have a seat at the table. I'll also build a close relationship with our Police Officers and Firefighters, who put themselves on the line for Tucson families every single day. We need to ensure that they have the tools they need to do their job and keep our neighborhoods safe and secure. 

Good schools for our kids

Growing up, my dad was an elementary school principal, and he made sure that we knew the value of education. Education is important for its contribution to our personal quality of life, but it’s also important to a strong local economy. Employers need an educated workforce, and young families considering a move to Tucson look first to the quality of our schools. While the city government doesn't run our schools, our schools need all the allies they can get. As your Councilmember, I will work to increase cooperation and build partnerships between our Amphi, Flowing Wells and TUSD schools and local businesses together with the city that includes them. I’ll do everything in my power to troubleshoot, solve problems and help our schools succeed in their missions. 


I am a big believer in solar energy, and I want to move us closer to a sustainable, solar-powered Tucson. First of all, it will save us money. Second, it's better for the air we breathe. Third, it is our part in the battle against climate change. I serve on the Tucson-Pima County Metropolitan Energy Commission, where I am a strong advocate for maximizing our investment in solar energy. I will take the lead on this issue. 

21st CEntury Transportation

Transportation improvements are critically needed in Tucson. We need to repair and improve our roads and work to increase safety for pedestrians and cyclists. We need to build sidewalks--especially near schools where kids are walking every day. 

I will be a strong voice for our critical infrastructure needs: our roads, bike paths and sidewalks, and our growing public transit system that now includes a streetcar. Our goal should be a transit system that Tucsonans use because they want to, not just because they have to.


I've never run for office before, but I love Tucson, and I love serving my community. My vision for Tucson starts with the idea that the government works for all of us, and so it should respond to all of us. That means public meetings and an open door to people from every community in Ward 3. And that means I will be a full-time Councilmember with a commitment to excellent constituent service. If you have a problem in the City of Tucson, I want you to "Call Paul"!